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Organizing Library Events

Page history last edited by Jill 11 years, 2 months ago

Topic:Organizing Library Events

Facilitator: Alycia Sellie


Topic Overview:

  • Marketing
  • Outreach
  • Getting people to attend events


Things that have worked well:

  • Thinking about community you serve
  • How do you package services?
  • How do you deliver it so as to ensure that patrons come back?


Types of events:

  • Orientations—targeting groups
  • Why can’t we have public library type author night?


Using multicolored cards to prompt participation:

  • Hand out at start
  • Practical pedagogy for library instructors


Allowing students to “own” the library space:

  • Using the library as an event venue
  • Student liaisons—student influence on content
  • Input on policies—plugged into campus life
  • Successful marketing—friends of the library
  • Organized an event around musical theater


Workshops targeting faculty and staff:

  • Free social networking
  • Timing and scheduling can be an issue
  • Marketing


Partner networking events with other departments:

  • Writing Center
  • Academic Support Center
  • Finding people on campus who are looking for workshops to be done
  • Keeping in touch with various groups on campus
  • Making sure lines of communication are open
  • Getting credits to students
  • Exploiting “snob appeal”: RSVP—invitation only—creating cachet for event



Try everything—collaborate with everyone.


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