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Open Access

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Topics to discuss:

  • ways to involve students: SPARC initiative, Right to Research 
  • ways to win over faculty; needed political action
  • metadata issues (not indexed, etc.)
  • collection development issues (ex. Sage all-or-nothing model), impending cultural shifts
  • self-archiving: a simultaneous possibility with existing publishing models; user education is needed (read your contract) > you may have the right to self-archive pre-prints
    • authors need to be more aware of their rights and negotiate for more
  • the disconnect with traditional thinking (open access as a 'threat')
  • prestige gap (will this continue?), questions about quality, perception
  • P&B issue > more conversations needed about what open access means
  • open peer review
  • institutional support & communication > what role does the library play?  should more direction come from the provost or other centralized source?
  • instituitional repositiories > should reflect the scholarly activity of the university, not just library special collections
  • question about copyright, pre-prints of articles > could this create hesitation?
  • ways to get the conversation started on campus? surveys?
  • need for libraries, both public and academic, to agitate for change, to take an effective stand in the commercialized serials universe
  • the whole system as it is doesn't make sense > we are paying twice


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