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Librarian Generated Content

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Session 1, 10:30-11:30


Where do the ideas come from?

  • Look in mainstream tech media
  • Look at mainstream companies and their content creation inc. social media marketing
  • Have a group structure, so anyone can run with any idea


What are some kinds of librarian generated content?

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Statistical documents
  • Wikis: useful b/c they are content-mgmt systems
  • Screencast
  • Quizzes
  • Flickr
  • Delicious
  • Widgets
    • Put it on their FB, Myspace profile
    • Widgets are little applications that provide extra functionality - you can add them to blogs, profiles, etc.
    • Can make them yourselves - Widget Box
    • If you have a blog, it's super easy to create your own - blidget - just paste RSS feed.
    • Can turn widgets into facebook applications - an interesting idea
    • Library catalog widget
  • Interviews
    • We interview others, but why not each other?
    • The preference of people vs. technology
    • Make your own librarian trading card
    • Do we market ourselves as well as we market our collection?
    • Humanizing the librarians
  • Polythinkers Blog
  • Dowling Blog: The First Five Years
  • Catalyst Quick Takes
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art's Library Website
  • Use non-proprietary things - gives you more freedom


Biggest challenges:

  • Getting other staff to contribute - one librarian felt like she was the primary author and it's hard to get other librarians involved
  • Coming up with new ideas
  • Not used to blogging, new technology
  • Hard to get people to write content
  • Don't want to overmarket ourselves - bother people -but we want to get them aware
  • $$$ - Tax money, tuition, etc.
  • One person taking all the responsibility
    • Team work helps with this
    • Not everyone understands the value
    • Some lack the expertise or interest



  • IT: potential obstacle
  • Should frame things as marketing tool
  • Outreach on web - if things aren't visually appealing enough, and are too text-heavy, hard to attract them


How to gauge success of content:

  • #s rising
  • Comments
  • Increased awareness


How to increase interest in our services?

  • Put link on email signature



  • Need to find out what students are interested in
  • Built-in audiences: students: help with traffic
  • Ask for help with what we are doing:
    • Identifying photos in our archives
  • Making our products interacitve


Is it worth saving?

  • Should we archive?


A different skill-set for librarians?

  • Another way to organize information
  • Technology is necessary to do our job




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