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Internship & Mentorship: Give and Take


Session 2




Kate Angell

Wendy Chu

Beth Evans

Barnaby Nicholas

(Brooklyn College Library)



We were a mixed group including:


  • Interns
  • Pre-intern students
  • Employers / mentors
  • Employer anticipating having an intern



The economy has put a lot of people into the intern and job market.



Interns and mentees want to and should define what they get to do in their internship or get from their mentor.


Interns may bring fresh thinking to an institution.

The institution should plan for the intern or mentee and all who work with the intern should be prepared for what it will mean to have the intern there.


As much hands-on and "real" experience as possible is needed. 


A badly spent internship can be costly in terms of time and money. 


A internship you do not enjoy can be instructive in that it teaches you what you do not want to do in a real job.


Some institutions do outreach to get interns but sometimes interns can have success finding a site on their own. 

Consider doing more than one internship to get a broader librarian experience.


Columbia University pairs professional librarians as mentors with library school students.

Library school faculty and library school student groups can work to help interns get the most out of their internship experience.



Interns and new professionials should network, attend conferences, join associations (local and national) as ways to extend their connections to their new profession. 


Many associations have new member roundtables that library school students and new librarians should consider joining.


The New York Library Club offers a scholarship to New York area library school students that all should be aware of





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