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Future of the catalog

Page history last edited by Mark Matienzo 11 years, 2 months ago
  • web 2.0 use and ability to mashup
  • various metadata formats integrated
  • interoperability / unified discovery interface
  • ownerships and control databases
  • ownership and control of transactional data
  • catalog management
  • user customization
  • software support
  • role of catalog within google book search
  • using profiling to figure out what user base of catalog is to determine behavior - intelligent agents to gather data on individual users
  • problem of the scope - what is a "heavy duty user"?
  • preventing vendors from design choices
  • value of subject cataloging vs. key word searching of large amounts of text
  • users of libraries are not just clearly looking for facts
  • does this mean we need to change the experience of using the catalog?
  • adding features that users expect eg google maps of holdings for large library systems
  • even just building maps within the catalog for holdings dat
  • how does this related to improving signage etc
  • mashing up RFID tags with visual keying of location

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