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Cloud Computing

Page history last edited by Courtney 11 years, 2 months ago

Hosted by Courtney Bennett

Notes by Jay Flan


Our cloud computing discussion became a demo of Google Docs, which is fine because whatever happens at an unconference is what was meant to happen.


What is cloud computing? What can it do?


Amazon hosts web sites in their cloud

You don't have to worry about downtime

Centralized software applications

Google Docs


Intellectual property issues-does Google or Microsoft etc own the content?

Terms of service

Privacy Issues

Privacy concerns with Gmail



Courtney explains how Google Docs work

How the folders look

Share function

Can be published as a web page

Possible todownload files in different formats


Problems with Google Presentations

but its not reliable, it freezes often

Virtual software is great

Issues of stablity

Formatting nightmares from Google Docs

Especially downloading resumes into word


Google Docs setting scan be made collaborative

has the model of a wiki-if you make it public

using Google Docs with other Libraians to discuss union and budget issues

Revision histories helpful-can go back intime-restore-undo


Is still in beta


Administrative and security issues, access can be edited and limited afterwards


Downside of Google Docs- Need internet to use


Diference between applications and cloud computing


Google Wave coming next-real time collaboration w/chat

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